The ETG company - a manufacturer of heat-insulating mixtures of UMKA ®

The ETG company - a manufacturer of heat-insulating mixtures of UMKA®

About “ETG”

 The ETG Company was founded in 2008 for creation and production of eco-friendly heat-insulated materials, which can be used in construction and decoration of modern energy-passive and low energy houses.

UMKA® was registered in 2009.

UMKA® products are dry mixes, in which glass granulates with high structural strength are applied as fractional aggregate. After stirring the mixture with water there will be formed flexible mortar with high level of adhesion.

“All in one bag system” is the creed of our products. That means simple operation with application and unique properties in operation.

All UMKA® materials possess high insulating properties, provide vapour permeability, sound and waterproofing and correspond to fire class A1 and do not contain toxic or carcinogenic substances.

Mixture UMKA® , applied to the facade, form a homogeneous thermal coat with a decorative surface such as "lamb". Sanifying properties and low water absorption of the materials help to create isolation membrane - which removes moisture from the walls, constantly draining them, and does not absorb moisture from the atmosphere. All products UMKA® are resistant to microorganisms and rodents, do not rot.

All these features help to solve complex issues of health, comfort, indoor climate, energy saving and heat insulation of the house.

Originally created to shelter walls of cellular aerated concrete and hollow ceramic blocks materials UMKA® have been widely used on the facades of the traditional mineral materials - brick, concrete, shell, etc.

Originally designed to shelter walls of cellular aerated and hollow ceramic blocks UMKA® materials have been widely used on the facades of the traditional mineral materials - brick, concrete, shell rock, etc.

Use and development of UMKA® products

The "ETG" company's products immediately came to be in great demand on the Russian market, where municipal programs on thermal modernization and thermal insulation of high-rise residential buildings - of old and new generation - were introduced. Objects in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Belgorod, Chelyabinsk and other cities of Russia have shown and approved rational innovation of UMKA® in construction.

Special pride of UMKA® was winning the Russian public tender for the supply of materials to shelter buildings of Orthodox complex (hospice with orthodox temple on the banks of the Jordan River) for pilgrims, in historical and cultural reserve near Amman, Jordan. On this place, according to Biblical tradition, the prophet John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ.

 Sanifying properties of plasters UMKA® along with their other strengths have allowed making decisions about sheltering and restoration of facades of architectural monuments, religious sites and childcare. One of these objects is Holy Sophia Cathedral.

With the opening of the large-scale production of new AAC in Ukraine it has become easier for private developers to build their own cottage type houses sheltered with UMKA® product. Large industrial building groups received through the use of aerated concrete significant cost value savings of tall cast-frame houses. UMKA® materials find their application on both types of these buildings.

In 2011, "ETG" opened its representative office – The ETG Polska Company - in Poland, and in 2013 it produced the first batch of products. The task of the Polish company was to ensure orders from Europe. Canada, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland and Tajikistan already work with our products

Innovation is our style! High quality is our tradition!