The "Paleta" company can offer a range of services for material application that will be performed by a specially trained team of highly qualified professionals with a warranty.

Facades heat insulation systems assembling

Facades covering using thermal insulation plaster (UB-21, UB-212, UF-2) UMKA®, creating curly façade elements and formation, insulation and finishing of window slopes, doorways - indoors and outdoors.

Renovation and restoration of buildings

Stylish and functional improvement works, restoration of buildings’ facades, monuments of architecture preserving all the architectural elements, textures and historical flavor with hydrophobic materials (UB-21) UMKA®.

Walls erection with warm building mortar

Professional masonry of concrete blocks with warm building glue  UMKA® UG-7 minimizing masonry joint up to 1,5-2 mm, which will help to eliminate cold bridges in the walls.

Floor placing

Making of monolithic heat and soundproof screeds UMKA® UP-1 indoors on concrete and ferroconcrete monolithic and prefabricated foundations, including floor heating system. Usage of UMKA® UP-1 saves room height compared to conventional screeds systems.

Furnish and repair

We provide services for exterior and interior engineering, designs of premises and residential and non-residential facilities. We also carry out a full range of construction works, repair, weatherization, remodeling, renovation of houses, apartments, offices, shops, pharmacies, warehouses, etc.

Thermal energy audits

Express diagnostics of technical condition and energy efficiency of homes, buildings and equipment based on modern technologies.